political ploy 意味

  • 政治的{せいじてき}策略{さくりゃく}[計略{けいりゃく}]
  • ploy:    ploy n. 策略, 手.【動詞+】I had to use a clever ploy to attract her attention.彼女の注意を引くために巧妙な手を使わなくてはならなかった.【形容詞 名詞+】That was a clever ploy!それは巧妙な手だったHis ploy to throw off the police proved effective.警察をまくた
  • deceptive ploy:    謀略{ぼうりゃく}、人をだます計略{けいりゃく}
  • diplomatic ploy:    外交上{がいこうじょう}の策略{さくりゃく}


  1. but there is this political ploy to try to pit police brutality
    一方で 黒人同士の暴力に対して
  2. using the institution of marriage as a cheap political ploy .
    公的な問題に 個人的な結婚を利用するとはな


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