poor vocabulary 意味

  • ボキャ貧
  • in vocabulary:    仲間内{なかまうち}の言葉{ことば}
  • vocabulary:    vocabulary n. 語彙(ごい), 用語数.【動詞+】acquire a good vocabulary in Frenchフランス語の語彙を十分習得するbroaden one's vocabulary自分の語彙を広げるhow to build (up) one's vocabulary語彙増加の方法He commands an impressive vocabulary of swe
  • poor:    1poor n. 貧しい人々.【動詞+】A downturn in the economy affects the poor more than anyone else.経済不況はだれよりも貧しい人々に影響を与えるaid the poor貧しい人々を助けるgrind down the poor貧しい人々をしいたげる.【+動詞】The poor must learn to help themse


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