poor working conditions 意味

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  • 過酷{かこく}な労働条件{ろうどう じょうけん}、劣悪{れつあく}な作業環境{さぎょう かんきょう}
  • protest poor working conditions:    劣悪{れつあく}な労働条件{ろうどう じょうけん}に抗議{こうぎ}する
  • working conditions:    working conditions労働条件ろうどうじょうけん
  • working poor:    {1} : 低収入労働者◆〈米〉「政府基準値」より下の--------------------------------------------------------------------------------{2} : 勤労貧民{きんろう ひんみん}


  1. it sounds like the factory had poor working conditions anyway .
    まぁ ブラックな 工場やったみたいやし➡
  2. now , this is trade notorious for its mediocre pay and poor working conditions .
    薄給と劣悪な労働状況で 悪名高い職業だ
  3. at that time in the ashio copper mine , mine workers ' complaints were mounting because of their low wages due to the cost for prevention of mineral pollution which was ordered in ashio mineral pollution incident and their poor working conditions .


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