population inflow 意味

  • 人口流入{じんこう りゅうにゅう}
  • inflow:    inflow n. 流入.【動詞+】We must reduce the foreign-credit inflow.外国からの貸し付け金の流入を減らさなくてはならないOil import quotas slowed the inflow of Arab oil.石油の輸入割り当てがアラブ諸国の石油の流入をにぶらせたstimulate the inflow of foreign capital
  • asset inflow:    資産流入額{しさん りゅうにゅう がく}
  • capital inflow:    資本流入{しほん りゅうにゅう}


  1. in the high economic growth period , the population inflow occured as a commuter town of osaka city , kyoto city and nara city .


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