population influx 意味

  • 人口流入{じんこう りゅうにゅう}
  • influx of population to large cities:    大都市圏{だい とし けん}への人口{じんこう}の集中{しゅうちゅう}
  • influx:    influx n. 流入, 到来, 殺到.【動詞+】control the influx of illegal immigrants from Mexicoメキシコからの不法入国者の流入を取り締まるThey hired temporary help to handle the influx of applications.殺到する申請書をさばくために臨時の助手を採用したHow can we s
  • influx into:    ~への殺到{さっとう}、~への流入{りゅうにゅう}


  1. as a town of the kansai science city and a bedroom community for osaka city , kyoto city , and nara city , the hillsides in the area have been developed for housing: as a result , the town has experienced a population influx and increased the population by 1 ,290 in the fiscal year of 2005 (from april 2004 to march 2005 ) with a population growth rate of 4 .0 percent .
  2. in europe , where the ground is rock-solid , the population influx to the urban areas in the 19th century , induced by the industrial revolution , triggered the development of apartment houses in order to provide the workers with living places , and those buildings constructed at that time have been conserved and still used today , although they underwent renovations .


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