power amplification 意味

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  • 電力増幅度{でんりょく ぞうふくど}
  • amplification:    amplification n. 拡大; 増幅; 敷衍(ふえん).【動詞+】The press corps demanded amplification of the spokesman's statement.記者団はスポークスマンの声明の敷衍を求めたincrease amplification増幅を高めるShe offered the following amplification of
  • acoustoelectric amplification:    acoustoelectric amplification音響電気増幅[基礎]
  • amplification (elec):    amplification (elec)増幅ぞうふく


  1. and that's basically what's called a power amplification system .
    これが「パワー増幅システム」 と呼ばれるものです


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