power and popularity 意味

  • power and popularity
  • popularity:    popularity n. 人気, 人望.【動詞+】achieve popularity人気を得るHis new CD has boosted the singer's popularity.新しい CD でその歌い手は急に人気が出たgradually build (up) popularity次第に人気を確立していくcommand wide popularity広く人気を博するThe awa
  • achieve popularity:    好評{こうひょう}を博する、人気{にんき}を得る、人望{じんぼう}を得る、評判{ひょうばん}になる
  • approach the popularity of:    ~の人気{にんき}に近づく、~と人気{にんき}で肩を並べつつある


  1. at that time , the line formed by the attendants assembled to the great buddhist memorial service was so long that it crossed a mountain; that reminded people of ujikuni ' s power and popularity in life .


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