power of persuasion 意味

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  • 説得力{せっとくりょく}
  • persuasion:    persuasion n. 説得; 確信, 信念; 宗旨.【動詞+】bring friendly persuasion to bear upon sb友人として人を説得するI tried persuasion but to no avail.説得を試みたがむだだったTry using some gentle persuasion (on him).ひとつ(彼を)穏やかに説得してみては.【+動詞
  • amiable persuasion:    好意的{こういてき}な説得{せっとく}
  • art of persuasion:    説得{せっとく}の技術{ぎじゅつ}


  1. you know monsieur candie , you do possess the power of persuasion .
  2. so , it's the power of persuasion .
  3. a restructuring plan made by someone like that has no power of persuasion .
    そんな人間の立てた再建計画に 説得力なんか ありませんよ


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