previous evening 意味

  • その前の晩
  • on the previous evening:    その前の晩に
  • by evening:    夕方までに
  • evening:    evening n. 晩, 夕方; 夕べの催しもの; 《文語》 晩年, 衰微期; 《口語》 夕刊.【動詞+】Shall we arrange an evening to discuss it over dinner?夕食をとりながらそれを話し合うような晩を計画しましょうかWe crowned our evening out with a late supper.遅い夕食をとって私たちの外出の夕


  1. captain okitsu had been frostbitten since the previous evening and was attended to by karuishi sanzo .
  2. on the previous evening of each hoi-jin god ' s travel to the direction , one declared a place , which was not one ' s home nor located in a tabooed direction , was ' one ' s home ' to the god and stayed there overnight .


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