prior consideration 意味

  • prior consideration
  • right to prior consideration:    right to prior consideration先議権せんぎけん
  • prior:    prior adj. 先の, 前の.【副詞】He called on me immediately prior to his departure.出発直前に私を訪ねてくれたI was walking down the street in Peru, just prior to a small earthquake.小さな地震の直前にペルーのその通りを歩いていた.【+前置詞】When had y
  • prior to:    ~より前に、~に先立って{さきだって}◆「~以前」と訳すのは誤り。その時点より前であって、その時点を含まないので。She went to China prior to her trip to Korea. 彼女は韓国へ旅行する前に中国へ行った。It occurred two weeks prior to his death.Were you and Lisa sexually involved


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