projected to 意味

  • 《be ~》~すると予測{よそく}される
  • projected:    projected未設みせつ
  • to be projected:    to be projected写るうつる
  • previously projected:    事前{じぜん}に予想{よそう}されていたAnalysts suspect that the company's losses will be even worse than previously projected. 専門家{せんもんか}は、会社{かいしゃ}の損失{そんしつ}は予想以上{よそう いじょう}に悪化{あっか}するのではないかと見ている。


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  1. projected to grow the most in the next decade
  1. and they're projected to achieve about 40 percent growth .
  1. in the world where hunger and malnutrition are projected to go up
    今後10年間で貧困と栄養不良が 増加する場所と
  1. which this year are projected to become
  1. at first , it was projected to pass millions of miles outside of earth's orbit .
    当初 地球軌道の遥か外を 通過すると思われていた


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