prong 意味

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  • no prong:    《コ》「いいえ」に進む、ノー分岐{ぶんき}◆フローチャートで進む方向
  • cage prong:    cage prong(保持器の)つの[機械]〈96確B0104:転がり軸受用語〉; つの[機械]〈96確B0104:転がり軸受用語〉
  • elastic prong:    弾性突起部{だんせい とっきぶ}


  1. bend each prong thus made outward and whittle the stem until only the skin is left .
  2. the mato is settled on the azuchi supported by a kogushi (also known as gogushi ), a stick in a sasumata (weapon with a u-shaped metal prong attached to the end of a wooden stick ) shape .


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