prop 意味

発音記号: [ prɔp ]発音を聞く   propの例文
  • to prop:    to prop支えるささえる
  • a prop or support:    a prop or support突っ支いつっかい突っ支い棒つっかいぼう
  • central prop:    中心的{ちゅうしんてき}な支柱{しちゅう}


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  1. maybe use a prop that leaves a lasting impression ...
  1. and we just have to prop those up in the right way
  1. tonight you'll prop your feet up but for now , let's eat up
    だから存分に 召しあがれ
  1. how do you prop up popup purple paper people ?
    「飛び出す紫色の紙人なんか 立たせられないだろう?」
  1. looks like a prop plane just exploded in midair .


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