prosecute for 意味

  • ~を起訴する
    And crewmembers prosecuted for smuggling.
    Did you prosecute for rape?
    She is now being prosecuted for felony child abduction.
    These young men were prosecuted for crimes they did not commit.
  • not prosecute:    不起訴にする
  • prosecute:    prosecute v. 起訴する, 求刑する.【副詞1】Violations of patents will be strictly prosecuted.特許権の侵害は厳重に告発されるViolators will be prosecuted vigorously.違反者は厳しく求刑されるだろう.【+前置詞】be prosecuted as a bank robber銀行強盗として起訴される
  • decide not to prosecute:    起訴猶予{きそ ゆうよ}にする


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