protective lacquer 意味

  • protective lacquer
  • lacquer:    1lacquer n. ラッカー, 漆(うるし); 漆器(しっき); ヘアスプレー.【動詞+】apply lacquer on a box箱にラッカーを塗るbrush on lacquerラッカーをはけで塗るcollect fine old lacquers古美術の漆器を収集する.【形容詞 名詞+】acrylic lacquerアクリル系塗料aventurine lacquer金梨地(なしじ)
  • to lacquer:    to lacquer塗るぬる
  • protective:    protective adj. 保護的な, 保護する.【副詞】I felt fiercely protective of this life that had been entrusted to me.私に預けられたこの命をなんとしても守ってやろうという気がしたDo you think your parents were overly protective when you were a ch


  1. the main characteristic of kodai-ji makie are designs such as autumn flowers applied to golden flat makie (sprinkled powder applied directly on the smooth lacquered surface in very low relief so only the thickness of the final protective lacquer coating is raised above the surface ).


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