protective laryngeal reflex 意味

  • protective laryngeal reflex
  • laryngeal reflex:    喉頭反射{こうとう はんしゃ}
  • laryngeal:    {名} : 喉頭{こうとう}、喉頭音{こうとうおん}--------------------------------------------------------------------------------【発音】lэri'n(d)зiэl、【分節】la?ryn?ge?al
  • protective:    protective adj. 保護的な, 保護する.【副詞】I felt fiercely protective of this life that had been entrusted to me.私に預けられたこの命をなんとしても守ってやろうという気がしたDo you think your parents were overly protective when you were a ch


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