protective legislation 意味

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  • 貿易保護法
  • legislation:    legislation n. 立法, 法律制定; 法律.【動詞+】The courts are empowered to abrogate legislation.裁判所は法律を廃棄する権限が与えられているadopt legislation to increase punishments for tax evasion脱税の罰則を強めるための法律を採択するThe governor has ap
  • protective:    protective adj. 保護的な, 保護する.【副詞】I felt fiercely protective of this life that had been entrusted to me.私に預けられたこの命をなんとしても守ってやろうという気がしたDo you think your parents were overly protective when you were a ch
  • administrative legislation:    行政立法{ぎょうせい りっぽう}


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