provision for 意味

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  • 措置{そち}
  • provision:    1provision n.(1) 〔法律〕 規定, 規定条項; 条件.【動詞+】This provision has since been abolished.この規定はその後廃止になったabuse the provisionその規定を乱用するI can't accept these provisions.これらの規定は受け入れられないThis provision was added to t
  • with the provision that:    (that 以下)の規定付きで
  • accompanied by the provision that:    《be ~》(that 以下)という付帯条件{ふたい じょうけん}を伴う


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  1. a provision for my fees was included in the ...
  2. you make provision for this activity called shopping on the ground floor .
    ご存知の通り 一階はショッピングフロアだ
  3. the ritsuryo law had no provision for acquisition of rights and statute of limitation .
  4. in ritsuryo , there is no provision for the position , authority , etc . of the emperor .
  5. 1947: the imperial household act plainly states that the sokui no rei (enthronement ceremony ) will be performed , and there is no provision for the daijosai or place for it .
    1947年(昭和22年) - 皇室典範で単に「即位の礼を行う」とし、大嘗祭と場所は規定されなかった。


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