prowess as a warrior 意味

  • 戦士{せんし}としての優れた腕前{うでまえ}
    He finally showed off his prowess as a warrior. 彼はついに戦士としての優れた腕前を示した[見せつけた]。
  • prowess:    prowess n. 見事な腕前; 武勇, 勇気.【動詞+】She applied her vocal prowess to singing an old-style spiritual.その見事な声を古いスタイルの黒人霊歌を歌うことに用いたdemonstrate one's prowess技量を発揮するHe believed that using electric tools would d
  • warrior:    warrior n. 《文語》 軍人, 勇士, 戦士.【形容詞 名詞+】a brave warrior勇敢な軍人a corporate warrior《戯言》 企業戦士a doughty warrior勇ましい戦士an experienced warrior歴戦の勇士a loyal warrior忠義な武士a mighty warrior力強い軍人a valiant warrior勇壮な戦士.
  • economic prowess:    経済的{けいざいてき}に優れた能力{のうりょく}


  1. it is said that he had a military prowess as a warrior .
  2. he joined the army of the minamoto no yoshitsune in the fight to hunt down and kill ise-heishi (taira clan ); at the battle of yashima , he demonstrated his prowess as a warrior; for example , he burned down the fortress after the taira ' s army escaped to the sea and made the taira ' s army give up the will to counterattack .


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