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  • 公益信託{こうえき しんたく}、大衆{たいしゅう}の信頼{しんらい}、国民{こくみん}の信頼{しんらい}、国民{こくみん}の信認{しんにん}、社会的{しゃかいてき}な信認{しんにん}


  1. i betrayed the public trust . i did .
  2. i had betrayed the public trust .
  3. however , since the japanese people were not used to paper currency at the time and the new meiji government had not yet gained public trust , the circulation of these bills was seriously restricted , and 100 ryo of dajokan bills was often exchanged for 40 ryo of hard currency .
  4. shihei seiri (paper money readjustment ) was a policy of seeking to recover the public trust in the currency system and the credit system by readjusting and reducing the amount of the notes that were issued by the meiji government and the national bank (in the meiji period ) and first went into circulation in the early meiji period , and by converting the notes into the convertible paper money issued by the bank of japan .
    紙幣整理(しへいせいり)とは、明治初期に出された明治政府及び国立銀行 (明治)発行の紙幣を整理・縮減して日本銀行発行の兌換紙幣に変換することで通貨制度・信用制度の信頼回復を図る政策。


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