puffy eyes 意味

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  • 腫{は}れた目、くまのできた[腫れぼったい?泣きはらした]目
  • dark puffy circles under one's eyes:    目の下のくま
  • puffy:    puffy adj. ふくれて; 《英》 息切れがして.【+前置詞】We were rather puffy from climbing.《英》 山登りでかなり息切れしていたbe puffy under the eyes目の下がはれあがっているHer face was puffy with alcohol .彼女の顔は酒のためにむくんでいた.
  • puffy clouds:    真綿{まわた}のような雲


  1. a lot of people come to the hospital with puffy eyes from playing tennis .
    テニスをやってて 目があざになって病院へ来る人が多いんだ
  2. sleep-deprived actors would use cold towels in attempt to relieve their swollen faces and wear sunglasses to hide their puffy eyes in order to continue with filming .


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