quality 意味

発音記号: [ 'kwɔliti ]発音を聞く   qualityの例文
  • a quality:    a quality備後表びんごおもて
  • in quality:    質の面で、質的に
  • in quality of:    ~の資格{しかく}で、~の立場{たちば}で


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  1. eskimo joe's a quality nigger , no doubt about it .
    エスキモー・ジョーは 確かに有能だ
  2. and raise quality just to the level of average oecd
  3. it's the same quality they use to turn us into slaves .
    私達を奴隷にした 手口と同じ
  4. there has to be a high quality that guarantees its safety .
  5. it's just it's it's simple quality control .
    これは そう 凄く 単純な... 品質管理だわよ?


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