quarantine inspector 意味

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  • quarantine inspector
  • in quarantine:    隔離中で
  • quarantine:    quarantine n. 検疫, 隔離; 検疫所; 交通遮断.【動詞+】declare a quarantine for all travelers coming from……から来るすべての旅行客に隔離を言い渡すimpose (a) quarantine on……に(対して)検疫を課すThe authorities imposed a quarantine on all visitors
  • inspector:    inspector n. 検査官, 検閲官.【動詞+】appoint an inspector検査官を任命するdispatch an inspector検査官を派遣する.【+動詞】An inspector checked the sanitary conditions of the restaurant.検査官がそのレストランの衛生状態を検査した.【形容詞 名詞+】a building ins


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