rally against 意味



  1. He rallied against their system , one he thought was archaic and corrupt .
    腐敗と堕落した権力に 立ち向かったの
  2. The news of a vulcanhuman hybrid could inflame them ... give them something to rally against .
    バルカン人と人間のハーフのニュースは 彼らを再燃させ抗議集会の口実になる
  3. Mohei did not give up pursuit of legal action , and the case was used by sympathizers of eto shinpei , the then minister of justice who was rallying against inoue kaoru , to make the public aware of corruption .
  4. Kuroji kawasaki , a homeless wanderer who had originally been a peasant in hachioji village (present-day tsubame city ), and others started distributing otoshibumi (letters dropped in the road: fliers ) in the watershed area from around march 1872 encouraging people to rally against the construction .
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