realistic delineation 意味

  • 写実的描写{しゃじつてき びょうしゃ}
  • delineation:    delineation n. (線 図形による細かい)描写; 輪郭.【動詞+】make a clear delineationはっきりと細かく描写する.【形容詞 名詞+】She is feeble at character delineation.彼女は性格描写が苦手だa clear delineationはっきりとした輪郭a delicate delineation of character
  • realistic:    realistic adj. 現実的な, 実際的な; リアルな.【副詞】be brutally realistic about the situation状況について冷酷なまでに現実主義的であるthe design of an economically realistic machine経済的に実際的な機械のデザインHe wrote many fiercely realistic poems.
  • clear delineation:    はっきりとした輪郭{りんかく}


  1. realistic delineation was also added to yakushae , and bromide-like nigaoe (portraits ) were drawn by shunsho katsukawa .


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