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  • red-handed
  • red handed:    {形} : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------{副} :
  • catch a burglar red-handed:    泥棒を現行犯で捕える
  • catch someone red-handed:    (人)を現行犯{げんこうはん}で捕まえる[逮捕{たいほ}する]、悪事{あくじ}の現場{げんば}を見つける[押さえる]They caught her red-handed stealing away all the money from the safe. 彼らは彼女が金庫からあり金すべてを盗むところを、現行犯逮捕した。


  1. the perpetrators of the toranomon incident and the sakuradamon incident were caught red-handed , while the kotoku incident and the bokuretsu incident were uncovered in the plotting phase .
  1. the toranomon incident was an assassination attempt occurred on december 27 , 1923 at toranomon , by daisuke nanba who fired a stick-shaped gun at imperial prince hirohito (later the emperor showa ), then-regent and crown prince , when prince was heading by car for the opening ceremony of the 48th imperial diet , and nanba was arrested red-handed .
    1923年12月27日、難波大助(なんば だいすけ)が虎ノ門で第48帝国議会の開院式に向かう摂政・皇太子裕仁親王(後の昭和天皇)の車に向けてステッキ状の拳銃を発砲・狙撃し、現行犯で逮捕された暗殺未遂事件。


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