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  • reform plan
  • as a part of a plan to reform:    ~を改革{かいかく}する計画{けいかく}[プラン]の一環{いっかん}として
  • bank reform plan:    銀行改革案{ぎんこう かいかく あん}


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  1. then , on april 14 , a monjo (written material ), which was prepared based on the political reform plan , was announced as a shosho by the emperor meiji .
  2. on june 11 , the government accepted the government reform plan proposed by the peasants , and the peasants withdrew to prevent military intervention by the qing and japan .
  3. arai developed a reform plan based on a proposal submitted by kiyosuke ooka , nagasaki bugyo (the collective name of magistrates placed in important areas directly controlled by the government in the edo period .)
  4. the vice-minister of finance , kaoru inoue handled the issue of the stipend reform on behalf of the minister of finance , toshimichi okubo , and he suggested a drastic reform plan while he was proceeding a land-tax reform .
  5. in terms of navy , a military reform plan was formulated , centering on gunkan bugyo (the government ' s naval magistrate ), kimura settsu no kami (the governor of settsu province ) who was a member of gakari for military reforms .


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