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  1. the date of scrapping is unclear because relevant documents were discarded when the head office of hokutan railway suffered from a flood .
  2. it is almost impossible to solve the mystery of saeki because there are not so many relevant documents and stories of witnesses from that period .
  3. sericulture and silk manufacturing tools of maebashi and relevant documents: 633 items (silk memorial hall , maebashi city , gunma prefecture ) registration date: march 13 , 2008
    前橋の養蚕・製糸用具及び関係資料 633点(群馬県 前橋市蚕糸記念館) 2008年3月13日登録
  4. the official text of the policy for the national defense on june 29 , 1918 , was incinerated at the end of the war , and the contents of the policy were conjectured with the relevant documents .
  5. furthermore , after the war , the government ministries and agencies actively and systematically burned and disposed of relevant documents to prevent them from being seized by occupation authorities as evidence for war responsibility .


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