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  • reprisals


  1. a chain reaction of violent reprisals which would at least weaken the pardillo family .
    武力報復の連鎖が起これば 少なくとも パロディロ一家の力は弱まる
  2. however , in july squadrons from the united states and france took reprisals and choshu domain was defeated .
  3. violence has once again erupted on the streets of rangoon , when new demonstrations were met with wave after wave of reprisals .
    暴動は再びラングーンの通りで 勃発しました 抗議者は 強い報復を受けています
  4. some people say that the russian side took a generous attitude (they did not carry out armed reprisals nor demand reparation ) because her death had captured the international society ' s sympathy through her suicide note to the crown prince nicholaii and sensational reports by newspapers .


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