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  1. The museum keeps a science club for elementary school pupils and junior high students , where full-year group research activities and so on are conducted .
  2. In january 1903 , his father koson died and thus he came back to japan to succeed the chief priest , but he continued exploration and research activities until 1904 .
  3. Hanazono university has used the museum for exhibitions and educational activities as a core facility used not only for education , but making the materials accumulated through its research activities open to the public .
  4. Misasa medical center of okayama university medical school has been established at misasa-onsen hot spring with the aim of proving the therapeutic efficacy of radon hot springs and is conducting research activities on a full-scale .
  5. Kansai science city (to be referred to as science city in the following ) was constructed to promote creative academic and research activities as well as creating/dispatching of new industries and culture .
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