resign as 意味

  • ~の地位を辞職する、~の職を辞める、~を辞任{じにん}する
    If we lose the vote, I shall resign as leader.
    He had to resign as guardian due to ill health.
    Bush announced that Baker would resign as Secretary of State.
    Mikhail Gorbachev threatened to resign as S+もっと...
  • resign:    resign v. 辞職する; 譲り渡す; 身をまかす; あきらめて…する.【副詞1】resign en bloc総辞職するShe resigned herself entirely to his will.彼の意思にすっかり身を委ねるformally resign正式に辞職するHe was allowed to quietly resign from his post.穏便に辞職することが認
  • to resign:    to resign捨てる棄てるすてる辞すじす止すよす止めるやめる仕を致すしをいたす
  • asked to resign:    《be ~》諭旨免職{ゆし めんしょく}になる


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  1. the staff is going to resign as well .
    このままじゃ 職員も辞めてっちゃいますよ。
  2. to resign as concert master in chikago .
    シカゴのコンマス 辞めるって。
  3. i will resign as prime minister .
  4. resign as of today .
  5. in 1033 he was appointed to jushiinoge (junior fourth rank , lower grade ) and he took this occasion to resign as kurodo .


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