resign 意味

発音記号: [ ri'zain ]発音を聞く   resignの例文
  • resign as:    ~の地位を辞職する、~の職を辞める、~を辞任{じにん}するIf we lose the vote, I shall resign as leader.He had to resign as guardian due to ill health.Bush announced that Baker would resign as Secretary of State.Mikhail Gorbach
  • to resign:    to resign捨てる棄てるすてる辞すじす止すよす止めるやめる仕を致すしをいたす
  • asked to resign:    《be ~》諭旨免職{ゆし めんしょく}になる


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  1. we think it is in everyone's best interest that you resign .
  2. both of you should take responsibility and resign !
    責任取って 2人とも辞任したまえ!
  3. the wakatsuki cabinet was forced to resign en masse .
  4. if you sue my boss's wife , i'll have to resign .
    あなたが夫人を訴えたら 私は辞職だわ
  5. i'll ask her to resign . is that okay with you guys ?
    辞めてもらうという方向で いいかな?


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