rest tremor 意味

発音を聞く:   rest tremorの例文
  • 静止時振戦{せいしじ しんせん}
  • tremor at rest:    安静時振戦{あんせいじ しんせん}
  • tremor in the hand while the hand is at rest:    安静時{あんせいじ}の手の振戦{しんせん}
  • tremor:    tremor n. 震え, 身震い; 震動.【動詞+】develop a tremor in one's hands手に震えがくるhave a tremor(手足などに)震えがあるhave a tremor in one's left hand左手に震えがある.【+動詞】loss of balance, followed by tremors, convulsions and death平衡(


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