rest with 意味

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  • ~次第である、(責任が)~にある、~に立脚{りっきゃく}する
  • (a) rest:    (a) rest息休めいきやすめ
  • a rest:    a rest一休みひと休みひとやすみ
  • and the rest:    そのほか何やかや、などなどMany people came to my home, Tom, Mike, Linda, and the rest. たくさんの人が家に来た。トム、マイク、リンダ、などだ。


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  1. and we can solve half of the rest with renewables .
  2. the decisions and its consequences rest with me .
  3. he was being laid to rest with his wife the empress jito .
  4. we'll rest with the threeeyed raven .
  5. give me onequarter impulse burst for five seconds . i'll do the rest with thrusters .
    1/4出力で 5秒間エンジン起動
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