right of preemption 意味

発音を聞く:   right of preemptionの例文
  • 先買権
  • preemption right:    新株引受権
  • preemption:    {名} : 先買{さきがい}、優先買取権{ゆうせん かいとり けん}、先取り
  • preemption entry:    先買権{さきがいけん}の申請{しんせい}


  1. for instance , there is a definition about the nation ' s right of preemption in the trading between japan and gaiban (derogatory expression of foreign countries and foreigners ) in genshi ryo (regulations of markets and checking stations ) of yoro-ryo (yoro code ).
  2. although the imperial court issued the prohibition against these kinds of acts that violate the nation ' s right of preemption , it did not have much effect on it since many of the aristocrats who enacted the prohibition could not curb the desire for karamono , and violated the prohibition by themselves .
  3. the nation ' s right of preemption was asserted by the imperial court by either sending people , such as benkan (officials of the dajokan ) or kurodo (chamberlain ), assigned to serve as karamono no tsukai (supervisor of chinese goods ) to the ports of call , or by the government officials (esp . ones of low to medium rank ) directly negotiating and purchasing from the merchants based on the detailed list of necessary goods made by the imperial court .


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