riot 意味

発音記号: [ 'raiət ]発音を聞く   riotの例文
  • a riot:    a riot一揆いっき
  • in riot:    《be ~》混乱状態{こんらん じょうたい}である
  • anti-riot:    {形} :


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  1. because they were afraid there was going to be another riot .
  1. the idea is that when you have a riot or a protest
    このアイデアは 暴動や抗議をする時に
  1. is the 20th ward really that much of a riot ?
    これって 20区の喰種が連携してたからだと思うが
  1. he stopped what could have been a fullblown riot .
    彼は暴動になりかけたのを 止めてくれた
  1. stay in tight formation . no more prison riot crap .
    陣形を崩すな 暴動もどきはゴメンだ


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