risk of fire 意味

  • 火災危険
  • fire risk:    {名} :
  • fire-risk:    {名-1} : 《保険》火災保険契約{かさい ほけん けいやく}による保険金支払い義務{ほけんきん しはらい ぎむ}--------------------------------------------------------------------------------{名-2} : 〈豪〉火災危険度{かさい きけんど}◆特に森林火災の危険度について用いる。
  • fire risk area:    火災危険区域{かさい きけん くいき}


  1. there's a risk of fire if stun grenade is used .
    閃光弾を撃ち込むと 引火する恐れが。
  2. by breaking an incense stick , burning time can be shortened and the risk of fire can also be reduced .
  3. after the fire , the bakufu revised its urban planning policies to minimize the risk of fire hazards .
  4. it used to be seen throughout the nation until pesticide became widely used and today , most areas have stopped it because of the risk of fire .


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