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  • rubber ball


  1. next was power training , where i had to do the same thing but with the air in a rubber ball .
    その次が 風船を ゴムボールに替えての 威力の修業。
  2. as rubber became cheaper since around the middle of the meiji period and bouncy rubber ball became common , temari came to be played all year around , not only during new year holidays .
  3. baseball (triangular base , a baseball game for children for which a keystone sack is not used; kick base , a baseball game for children that is played using a soccer ball; goro base , a baseball game for children in which the pitcher rolls a rubber ball along the ground; and hasami oni , a game of tag in which the two demons called ' oni ' that are playing catch try to tag out another children that are trying to advance into the oni ' s territory ), indoor soccer (futsal ), basketball (3-on-3 street basketball ), and dodgeball


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