sake barrel 意味

  • 酒樽{さかだる}
  • breaking open a ceremonial sake barrel:    breaking open a ceremonial sake barrel鏡割り鏡割かがみわり
  • barrel:    1barrel n. たる; ひとたる分, 石油 1 バレル; 銃身, 砲身; 《米口語》 たくさん.【動詞+】clean the barrel of a rifleライフルの銃身をきれいにするhoop a barrel (with steel)たるに(はがねの)たがをはめるHe leveled the barrel of his pistol at me.私にピストルの銃身を向けたpump
  • barrel in:    bárrel ín ((米))[通例進行形で]〈嵐が〉急襲する.


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  1. yoshino ' s tarumaru sake barrel stave bundling technique (march 13 , 2008 )
  2. he was a hard drinker who could drink 18 liters of sake at a bout of drinking and had such herculean strength that he could lift a 72-liter sake barrel with one hand .
  3. when yasuke breaks the sake barrel , a poisonous lizard appears from it , showing that the sake gengobe brought was , in fact , deadly poisonous alcohol .
  4. however , gengobe gently asks them to forget the whole things which happened between them and to get along well from now on like brothers and sisters , and he offers a small sake barrel .
  5. therefore , until the early showa period (or during the period from 1945 to 1954 in local regions ), sake was sold mostly by measure from a sake barrel , not in a bottle .


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