scales and measures 意味

  • 度量衡{どりょうこう}


  1. in 713 , five articles were established concerning scales and measures , choyo and giso (stockpiling warehouses ).
  2. prevented from fraud and crime in the cities , managed scales and measures on commerce , monitored prices , and worked on procurement of commodity for public use when necessary .
  3. moreover , he wrote not only a natural science but also " seiyo doryoko " which was about western scales and measures in dutch , " oran shiryakuko " which was about dutch history and geography , and " kohi setsu " which introduced a coffee .
  4. especially , proposals such as unification of scales and measures , telegraph and railway-related constructions , establishment of the postal system , elimination of sukego (labor which was imposed to the neighboring village to help the primarily imposed village ), promotion of local productions industry , and haihan-chiken (abolition of feudal domains and establishment of prefectures ) were actually carried out .


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