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  1. eh .. then people from science institute ?
    え... じゃあ科学研究所の奴らは?
  2. hikari , don't ever come back to this science institute .
    [モニタ]ヒカリ 科学研究所には もう戻ってきちゃ駄目。
  3. japan atomic energy agency kansai photon science institute (the kids ' science museum of photons )
  4. the area is home not only to private research facilities , such as rohto research village kyoto , omron corporation keihanna technology innovation center and sekisui house co ., ltd . comprehensive housing r & d institute , but also national research facilities , such as the kids ' science museum of photons operated by kansai photon science institute which belongs to japan atomic energy agency , and advanced telecommunications research institute international (atr ).
    ロート製薬、オムロン、積水ハウス総合住宅研究所などの民間研究施設ならびに、きっづ光科学館ふぉとん(日本原子力研究開発機構 関西光科学研究所)、ATR等の国の研究施設が立地。
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