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  1. the roto no gi (to see the march ): for seat reservation (at the imperial palace and the promenade to shimogamo-jinja shrine ) for a fee , contact the kyoto city tourist association .
  1. the operations of the station are commissioned to jr west japan transportation service co ., ltd ., but a multi access seat reservation system (mars ) terminal is not installed .
    駅業務はジェイアール西日本交通サービスへ委託されており、マルス (システム)端末の設備はない。
  1. there are examples of similarity to the k-limited express , such as ' meitetsu-tokkyu ' (nagoya railroad ' s rapid limited express and limited express--some cars of a limited express train are those where seat reservation is required ) running on nagoya main line in the section between meitetsu gifu station and toyohashi station , or the ' kaisoku-tokkyu keisei dentetsu ' (keisei electric railway ' s rapid limited express ) running on the keisei main line .
    同様な例として、名鉄名古屋本線の「名鉄特急名鉄岐阜~豊橋間 快速特急・特急(一部特別車)(豊橋駅〜名鉄岐阜駅間の系統)」や京成本線の「快速特急京成電鉄「快特(快速特急)」」がある。


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