shame at 意味

  • ~に対する恥辱{ちじょく}[恥ずかしさ]
  • for shame:    恥ずかしくて
  • shame:    1shame n. 恥ずかしさ, 羞恥心; 恥辱, 不面目; 残念なこと, 惜しいこと; ひどいこと.【動詞+】bear a shame恥を忍ぶI can't bear the shame.その恥辱には堪えられないIt was he who had to bear the shame for what had happened.起こったことに対して恥を忍ばなければならないのは彼だったbring
  • shame for:    ~に対する恥辱{ちじょく}[恥ずかしさ]


  1. judas had the decency to hang himself in shame at his betrayal .
    ユダには裏切りを恥じて 自ら首を吊る潔さがあった。
  2. no shame in it . no shame at all .
    気にするな 気にするな
  3. have you no shame at all ? showing up in school with a straight face .
    あんな事しといて よく平気な顔で学校来れたな。
  4. however , izanami felt shame at her repulsive appearance being seen , and commanded yomotsu-shikome (a hag from yomi ) and had her chase izanagi .
  5. the zen master says , ' if you are hungry , you can eat my flesh ,' and when he tells the abbot that he was sitting here without sleeping , the abbot feels shame at his wretched state , and reveres the zen master as buddha .


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