shape 意味

発音記号: [ ʃeip ]発音を聞く   shapeの例文
  • a shape:    a shape物影ものかげ
  • be in shape:    be in shapeしゃんと
  • in no shape:    少しも~ない、どんな形でも~ないI am in no shape to continue doing this another two hours. 私はどんな形にしろ、この仕事をさらにもう2時間もやるつもりはない。


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  1. and make them so they look like the shape on the right .
  2. if you look close , it's this shape , called a crane .
  3. i got this shape based on that injury .
    そのときの怪我がもとで 俺は こんな姿になっちまったんだ。
  4. one thing that doesn't change is shape of ear . ear ?
    耳の形だけは変わんないよ 耳?
  5. it is said that they became gods in human shape .


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