shove into 意味



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  1. So we're shoved into a place like this ...
    オレたちを こんなところに 押し込めて。
  2. For what ? to report a dead body we shoved into an ice machine ?
    死体を始末しました って報告するのか
  3. And the catheters they shoved into me without proper medication
    きちんと処置せずに カテーテルを差し込まれて
  4. Come to your dad and get mashed up food shoved into your mouth !
    パパのとこに来て 食べ物をお口に入れてもらいなさい!
  5. I'd rather have a blunt instrument shoved into my spleen , and that's speaking from experience .
    鈍器を内臓に 押し込まれる方がマシだ
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