show fidelity to 意味

  • ~に誠意{せいい}を示す
  • fidelity:    fidelity n. 忠実, 貞節; 〔通信〕 忠実度.【動詞+】pledge mutual fidelity互いに忠誠を誓うprove one's fidelity to……に対する貞節を証明するshow fidelity to……に誠意を示すswear fidelity忠誠を誓う.【形容詞 名詞+】demand absolute fidelity to the groupそのグループへの
  • acoustic fidelity:    acoustic fidelity音響的忠実性[電情]
  • conjugal fidelity:    結婚{けっこん}における貞節{ていせつ}


  1. the government should open the transportation to all the countries of the world and boost national prestige to show fidelity to the other countries .


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