show someone how much one loves him with one's words and with one's touch 意味

  • 言葉{ことば}やしぐさで(人)にどれだけ愛しているかを伝える
  • tell someone how much one loves him:    (人)に思いの丈を打ち明ける、愛を告白{こくはく}するAre you okay with that? You've got him all fired up to tell some other girl how much he loves her now! いいの、そんなたきつけるようなこと言って? 彼、ほかの女の子に本当に告白しちゃうよ。
  • tell someone one loves him:    (人)に愛を告白{こくはく}するTell her you love her, and everything will go well. 彼女に告白しちゃいなよ。何もかもうまくいくから。
  • tell someone how much one has enjoyed one's association with him over the years:    長年{ながねん}にわたる(人)との付き合いがどれほど楽しかったかを(人)に伝える


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