sin culture 意味

  • 罪の文化{ぶんか}
  • as sin:    実に
  • sin:    1sin n. 罪, 罪悪, 罪業; 違反.【動詞+】Don't blame yourself. You can't assume all the sins of the world.自分を責めるな, 君が世の中のすべての罪を背負いこむことはできないんだHis sins are all blotted out.彼の罪悪はことごとく消滅したcleanse sin from the soul魂から
  • culture:    culture n. 文化; 教養; 訓練; 養殖, 栽培; 培養, 培養菌.【動詞+】Her father sent her to a finishing school to acquire some culture.父親は彼女にいくぶん教養を身につけさせようと彼女を教養学校 《若い女性が社交界に出るための準備をする私立学校》 に入れたbring Western culture to the


  1. it unilaterally concluded that the western culture is ' sin culture ' which has ethical standards inward , while the japanese culture is ' shame culture ' that has the standards (appearances or decency ) outward .


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