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  • (マスコミなどを通じての)組織的中傷{そしき てき ちゅうしょう}、名誉{めいよ}を失墜{しっつい}させる政治工作{せいじ こうさく}
    The politician was the target of a smear campaign. その政治家は、組織的中傷の的となっていた。
  • with a smear campaign:    盛んに中傷{ちゅうしょう}して
  • engage in a smear campaign to paint someone as:    (人)を~に仕立て上げる{したてあげる}謀略工作{ぼうりゃく こうさく}をする
  • smear:    1smear n. 汚点, しみ; 中傷; 〔医学〕 塗抹(とまつ)標本, スミア.【動詞+】The doctor did a Pap smear.医師は(子宮がんの検査のため)パプ塗抹標本試験をしたstudy a fecal smear under a microscope顕微鏡で糞便の塗抹標本を調べる.【形容詞 名詞+】a cervical smear〔医学〕 頸管スミア 《子宮がん検査な


  1. it's a fullon smear campaign , boss . he's out to destroy you .
  2. (it is believed that tamemitsu ran a smear campaign against sanenobu ' s competitor , fujiwara no sanesuke of the ononomiya school , and brought a slanderous report to kaneie - " shoyuki " , diary of fujiwara no sanesuke ).
  3. in response to this , saicho called tokuitsu ' sojikisha ' and ' hokuensha ' in " shugo-kokkai-sho " and it was a serious dispute which called into question their raison d ' etre as a religious sect , resulting in a smear campaign by both sides .


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