sore eyes 意味

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  • sore eyes
  • eyes are sore:    《one's ~》目が痛い
  • a sight for sore eyes:    a síght for sóre éyes ((略式))目を楽しませる物[人],見たいと思っていた物[人];珍品,珍客.
  • have sore eyes:    目が痛い


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  1. are you a sight for sore eyes . let me look at you .
    君は美しいな よく見せてくれ
  2. me sore eyes can't wait to see the queen and the princess .
    女王と王女に お会いできる
  3. an idiot goes to a sore eyes not so much .
    身の程知らずに 痛い目見に行くバカが。
  4. hey , you are a sight for sore eyes . what are you driving ?
  5. and this really remains , i have to meet your sore eyes .
    このままだと あなた ほんとに 痛い目にあうよ。


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